The Scholarship Finder: Tap into free money for college
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Thinking about college, a career school, or graduate school but wondering how you’re going to pay for it?

Along with filling out the FAFSA, you should also find and apply for many individual scholarships. CareerOneStop’s Scholarship Finder can help.

Military to civilian transition? Resources are here to assist you
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For military service members, leaving the military may be a bigger challenge than the dangers and rigors of military service.

To support service members as they navigate the transition from active military duty, explore these excellent government-sponsored resources.

Build your network through professional associations
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Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established career, a little bit of networking can pay off big.

CareerOneStop’s Professional Association Finder can help you locate professional networking groups in your field.

Can you erase your criminal record?
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Is a criminal record interfering with your job search and other goals? You may be able to seal your record and make a new start.

Training options for your staff
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Looking for resources to offer training to your employees?

Whether you need to train one staff member or your entire workforce, you can find lots of great options right in your community.

Promising careers within reach
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What kind of job could you get that pays well, but won’t take much extra training? A new study by Mathematica Policy Research just made the answer easier to find.

Thirsty for a new career? Look into the water sector
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Would you like to have a job that puts you on the front lines of protecting the environment and your local community?

The water sector may be for you.

How America loves to learn
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A recent Pew Research Center survey reveals that Americans prefer learning in-person over online methods, and that their strongest motivations to learn include both getting ahead, and personal fulfillment.

New graduates: time to clean up your online image
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Getting ready to graduate and hit the job market?

Take the time to clean up your social media profiles before future employers start looking for you online.

Flexible schedules for work-life balance
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For employers recruiting talent, and employees seeking a sustainable work-life blend, consider what flexibility could look like in your workplace