Career planning for dads

For Father’s Day 2022, CareerOneStop is putting the focus on career planning and job search for dads.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home dad, or a father who works outside the home, here are three ways to discover new career options and ideas.

  • Career assessments help you check in on who you are today with your current priorities and values, which may have changed since you became a father.  
  • Learning about different careers can inspire you to try something new-or affirm a direction you already have.
  • Jumping right into a job search can be a great option if you have a handle on your current priorities and know the career you want to pursue.

Check out all three, or choose the career planning option that fits where you are right now.

1 Get an up-to-date picture of your career interests, skills, and work values

Learn about yourself and open up new ideas that you may not have considered before in your current or past career. Check out these options on CareerOneStop:

  • The Interest Assessment matches your interests to careers. Your profile takes into account the activities you like as well as those you dislike. Then your profile is compared to the profiles of different careers, and the most similar matches are listed in your results. From there, you can explore the careers on your list of matches. You can learn about the outlook (new job opportunities expected) for jobs in that field, average pay, the typical education needed, and more.
  • The Skills Matcher helps you identify careers that match your skills. You answer 40 questions to rate your level in a range of skills and knowledge. You can download or print out a list of your highest-rated skills to use in building out your skill highlights in your resume, or to bring up in job interviews. Skills Matcher also provides a list of careers that are good matches for your unique set of skills.
  • The Work Values Matcher helps you learn about the workplace values that are important to you. Knowing your work values can help you choose a career that matches your values, and identify employers that share similar values. Your Work Values Matcher results will show a list of careers that might be a good fit for your work values and provide information on how to research job opportunities and employers to find the right workplace for your individual values.

2 Curious about different careers and what they look like, or their job requirements?

You may have a general idea of the kind of work you’d like to do next, or just need more information about a career you already have in mind. Explore these resources to learn more:

  • Career clusters are groups of related types of work. They give you an easy way to explore different kinds of jobs within one broad category. Start with one of the clusters—like health care or construction—to learn what it involves, current trends, and the different careers it offers.

    It’s often easier to change jobs and advance within a career cluster. You can also choose credentials—such as a college degree, specialized training, or certifications—that will qualify you for a variety of different, but related, jobs.
  • The Occupation Profile provides details on more than 900 careers. Learn about what you might do on the job, job market outlook, wages, how much education or training you might need, and more. Just enter any career and your location into the search box. Or, click “List of Occupations” to see a list of career names that you can select from.
  • Watch career videos. There are more than 500 career videos that show life on the job, work settings, and more. Career videos average about 90 seconds in length.

3 Ready to search for jobs?

Find reliable information and tools to help you launch your job search.

  • Search for job openings. The Job Finder lets you search thousands of job listings that are updated daily from all over the United States. Start by entering a keyword for the type of job you are interested in, and your location, then click ‘Search.” You can choose to see postings from 4 job banks in one tool. NLx is the most comprehensive source of authenticated postings.
  • Work remotely. Working from home can be a terrific option for some dads, making it easier to launch kids to school or childcare in the morning, and be home when they return. Virtual or remote jobs are available in many fields—from entry-level customer service to complex software development or research positions. Remote Job Finder provides job postings that include the word “remote” in the posting (so some positions may be a hybrid of work from home and at a worksite location).
  • Identify an appropriate salary range. When you are asked to state a desired salary range, interview for a job, or actively negotiate a job offer, you need current information on salary ranges being paid for comparable work in your area. Use the Salary Finder to look up salary information for 800 different occupations in locations across the United States. The Salary Finder allows you to view salary information by region, state, or nationally.
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