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With the job market in flux more than at any time in recent history, many libraries are seeing an increase in visitors looking for information and support to find work, change their careers, or learn about assistance they may be eligible for.

Librarians will find the CareerOneStop suite of websites, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, is a helpful resource to address all these needs and more. Explore CareerOneStop resources below for job search, career exploration, and for specific groups.

Job search

  • The Employment Recovery website is a one-stop shop for job seekers and workers to navigate the current labor market and the impacts of the pandemic. It offers a Remote Job Finder search tool, resources for matching skills to a new career, and the latest information on which industries are currently hiring.
  • The Job Finder provides access to thousands of job postings across the U.S., updated daily. Postings are available from four major national sources, and the default job bank, NLx, lists only authenticated openings that meet state job bank requirements.
  • Resume Guide walks through each section and step of writing an effective resume. Tips and strategies help resume writers navigate applicant tracking systems and specific work history challenges they may have.
  • See the full Job Search section.

Career exploration

  • For experienced workers who want to build from their previous work experience, mySkills myFuture is a specialized site that can provide meaningful new occupation ideas. They enter a past job, see a list of career options, and select any career title to see details such as typical tasks, education and training requirements, hiring outlook, median salary, and more.
  • Whether someone is just starting out in a career, or wondering if another career would be a better fit, career self-assessments can help open up different options and confirm types of careers that might be a positive direction.
  • CareerOneStop’s Video Library includes more than 500 90-second career videos with details about typical tasks, education requirements, work settings, employment trends, and more.
  • See the full Explore Careers section.

Resources for specific groups

Military and veterans
Find career, training, and employment assistance for veterans and transitioning service members at the Veteran and Military Transition Center. Also find resources for military spouses.

Worker with a criminal conviction
Job Search Help for Ex-Offenders website offers information, tips, and resources to help people with criminal convictions overcome barriers they might face.

Entry-level worker
The information and tools you need to help you find a job when you have little or no work experience.

55+ workers
Get news and tips for getting a job if you’re an older worker.

Young adult
GetMyFuture offers career, training, and job search resources to young adults ages 14 to 24.

Worker with a disability
Resources and information to support successful employment for anyone with a disability.

The Business Center offers tools and resources to help employers hire, train, and retain a strong workforce. Or, find resources about self-employment.

Career advisor
CareerOneStop offers great information and tools for career advisors who help job seekers, career explorers, and students.

Credential seeker
The Credentials Center can help you get a job, keep a job, or advance in your career.

Work from home
Search for jobs that don’t require you to commute or be onsite every day.

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