Looking for work? Check out your local American Job Center

Did you know there are nearly 2,400 American Job Centers that offer free job search and other employment assistance throughout the country? AJCs are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor Education and Training Administration, and you can easily locate your closest AJC.

“I had no idea all this was available to me – and for free!”

AJCs are sponsored by partnerships of different workforce serviceslocal, state and nationalso each center is slightly different. However, all offer some of the same services. You can find free use of computers, printers, resume writing tools and phones. In most sites, staff is available to help you write a resume, practice job interviewing, or advise you on your job search. AJCs also provide contact information for Unemployment Insurance services in your state.

“We must have passed this building 100 times, but I didn’t really notice it until I was out of work.”

There are nearly 2,400 AJCs across the United States, some in every state. They offer a variety of free employment-related services to the public. Many people discover their local AJC only if they are out of work, but if you just want to explore other work options, or look into training, there are services at your nearest American Job Center.

“The staff was amazing. They really cared about my search and celebrated when I got a job.”

Most AJCs sponsor weekly job clubs to give job seekers a place to talk about the ups and downs of their search, learn new techniques, and get job leads in their fields. Many sites offer workshops on topics like how to write a resume, current job search methods, how to improve interview answers, using social media, and how to network. AJCs also have access to computer-based assessments that can help you decide on a career direction.

“The AJC found services for me when my heat and electricity were about to be turned off. They knew where to find the help I needed.”

Let’s say you need to connect to health insurance while you’re unemployed. AJCs have information on local resources to help. There are many other resources you can learn about at an AJC, including childcare assistance, cash assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, and more.

“After my injury, I could no longer do my old job. Voc Rehab helped me get training for a new career that uses my skills.”

For job seekers who have a disability, many AJCs offer assistive technology for easier access to computers and phones, or assist with job interviews. Most AJCs also include staff of Vocational Rehabilitation, a national program that provides education, training, job search assistance and job placement for people with disabilities.

“My military service gave me skills and training, but I still came home to low-wage jobs. The vet rep helped me find work that used my experience and gave me a chance for advancement.”

All veterans looking for work will find they have service priority at AJCs. And for eligible veterans, specially trained staff provide employment and training services to help them overcome barriers to employment.

As a small business owner, I find many of my candidates at the American Job Center and often attend their job fairs to recruit employees.”

Because AJCs also reach out to make sure local businesses find employees, they are a great source for referrals to job openings. Many sponsor job fairs, and provide free interview space to employers looking for workers.

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