Expand recruiting with your state job bank
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Have job openings but can’t find the candidates to fill them? Want to grow your business but need the workers to make it possible?

Check out a free, accessible recruiting strategy: state job banks.

5 tips to create or improve your LinkedIn profile
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Ready to land your dream job in 2022?  You’re in luck because recruiters and employers are looking for candidates in record numbers this year. And one tool they’re using to help them recruit is LinkedIn. Whether you already have a

4 essential resume tips for 2022
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Getting ready to job search in 2022?

Use these tips to infuse your resume with energy and communicate a clear story about what you can bring to your next job.   

Yes, you should keep job searching over the holidays
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The winter holiday season can be a busy—and stressful!—time of year for everybody. That can tempt many job seekers to put a hold on their search until the new year. But the fact is, late December is a great time

Where the jobs are: long-haul truck driving
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Did you know the United States is currently in the middle of a truck driver shortage? If you’re interested in a career on the road with a pretty short training period but good job and salary prospects, long-haul truck driving

Thanksgiving networking
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Thanksgiving is a great time to reconnect with people you don’t see often and have a chance to catch up.

If you’re looking for work, it’s also a great time to network.

It’s National Apprenticeship Week


November 15 – 21 is the 7th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), a nationwide celebration of the value of apprenticeships.

Veterans seeking jobs: Vets Reps have your back
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If you’re a veteran or plan to transition out of active military service soon, did you know there’s a nationwide network of experienced employment professionals dedicated to supporting your employment success?

Learn about Veterans Representatives.

5 ways to earn college credit before you finish high school
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Looking for ways to keep college costs down? Cutting the number of classes you take — or even the total years you attend college—is an excellent way to lower your overall tuition bill. Read on for five options to explore.

Trouble finding workers? Check out these 8 recruiting strategies
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National unemployment numbers are falling, but in our current labor market, job openings continue to outpace available job applicants.

For businesses in need of workers, knowing where—and how—to search for the right talent is key.