Career options for people who like to help, teach, or connect
Drawing of figures practicing sharing and helping others.

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Are you naturally helpful and interested in caring for people or the broader community? Like to teach or provide guidance to others? If your answer is an enthusiastic “yes”, you may thrive in a career related to the Social interest.

Partner with public training resources for your employees
Woman packaging items at a small business

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Need to develop training for your employees? Looking for resources to help build it or take training to scale? Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) facilitate connections between businesses, community colleges, workforce agencies, and others to maximize the productivity and success of

NIIT leverages competency models for new Talent Hub


Read how the NIIT leveraged competency models to support apprenticeships, competency-based hiring, and our nation’s businesses and job seekers.   The Competency Model Clearinghouse (CMC) serves as an information hub that supports and promotes the use of competency data in workforce

Expecting a job layoff?
Layoff notice in paper file

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A layoff notice can be life changing. While many laid-off workers ultimately find a better job or career direction, a layoff is a stressful event that comes with a lot of uncertainty. A looming lack of income and health insurance,

Five ways to gain work experience

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Most employers want to hire people with experience. But how do you get experience if you can’t get hired? It’s s a classic bind. One solution is to volunteer or do other unpaid work. You’ll gain skills and practical experiences.

First job? You have lots of options
Pizza delivery

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Looking for your first job? Wondering how to get hired? When it comes to getting a job, it’s true that “you’ve got to start somewhere,” and then learn skills on the job. But it’s helpful to know which positions are

What makes a “Good Job”?

The labor market has seen historic shifts in recent years—from the shock of businesses closing in response to the pandemic in 2020, through the quick upswing in remote work and the Great Resignation of 2021, and the ongoing realities of

Want to ask for a raise? Try these tips
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If you’ve thought about asking for a raise but hemmed and hawed over it, consider this: according to a recent study reflecting a broad variety of industries, about 70% of people who asked for a raise received one. The experts

Careers in the arts and communication field

Have a creative or artistic bent? A career in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications career cluster might be right for you. These careers focus on designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts

Resources to help you hire workers with disabilities
Businesswoman in wheelchair leading group discussion in creative office

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Looking to expand your hiring pool? Individuals who have disabilities are a less-tapped, often well-educated workforce, who have an overall record of high employee retention. The U.S. Department of Labor provides resources to help with key steps for hiring individuals