Hiring practice: Social media background checks
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Does your candidate screening process include checking out applicants’ social media? It’s a practice that has become common but it introduces important ethical and legal considerations that employers should be aware of, along with potential impact on diversity and inclusion

Thinking about an apprenticeship?


The 8th Annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is coming up November 14-20. Apprenticeship is an opportunity to for job seekers to get paid, hands-on learning and training in a new field. Apprenticeships are industry-driven—meaning they’re run by employers, not schools—and

Find college scholarships that fit you
CareerOneStop Toolkit Scholarship Finder

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There are thousands of scholarships out there; how can you narrow down the list of options to a reasonable number and actually figure out how to apply?

The Scholarship Finder makes it much easier, without ads or scams.

How to navigate a job interview when you have a disability

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month is ending, but it’s still a great time to find a job if you have a disability. As employers have ramped up hiring following the pandemic, they’ve increasingly added workers with disabilities to their payroll.

Hiring workers with a criminal record
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Learn more at CareerOneStop’s Business Center.

4 tips to help guard your privacy while job searching

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You probably know that jumping online is a key to jobhunting. Social media sites greatly expand your network. Job banks help you to both focus your efforts and to learn about more job opportunities. And online applications can greatly speed

Career Profile: Learn about Physician Assistants
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If you’ve thought about becoming a Physician Assistant—or PA—you’re in good company. There are currently 139,100 PAs employed in the U.S. and the profession is growing much faster than most occupations. Check out the details below to learn about this

Can you describe your skills and abilities?
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If you’ve been in the job market recently, you know that skills are increasingly one of the most important job qualifications on employers’ minds. When you understand the nature of your own skills, you’re in a better position to answer

How to hire and retain older workers

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With the national unemployment rate remaining well below 4 percent, the U.S. labor market is tight. If you’re an employer trying to fill positions, you probably already know this. You’ve likely also heard that it’s a great time to reach

Small business owner or wannabe? Learn about the skills it takes to succeed
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In support of Small Business Week, this week’s CareerOneStop blog features a model of the skills, knowledge and abilities that contribute to successful entrepreneurship. For people who operate a small business, this model may be useful to help evaluate potential