How to build a professional network
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Networking is about developing relationships that could be helpful to you in your job search and your career.

Building a professional network is achievable for almost everyone, by following these steps to identify your network and develop it.

Good vets job news for Veterans Day
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Veterans make excellent job candidates: their military experience has provided them with education, training, values, leadership skills, and teamwork experience that help them thrive in civilian jobs.

Find an apprenticeship!

Tags: is a new one-stop source for “all things apprenticeship.”

The site features an Apprenticeship Finder that makes it easier for job seekers to find apprenticeship opportunities, often in high-skilled, high-paying careers.

5 not-so-true job search myths


Job searching is hard work. It can be complicated, it can feel mysterious—and it can sometimes seem like you’re the only person out there who doesn’t know the secrets to success.

Fill out your FAFSA
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The FAFSA is your best route to getting financial aid for college.

Happy holiday job searching

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There are two big indicators that it’s going to be a bright holiday for those seeking seasonal jobs: the unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in decades, and consumer confidence is at an all-time high.

Try out manufacturing for a day
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October’s National Manufacturing Day aims to “inspire the next generation of manufacturers.”

There are more than 2,500 events scheduled throughout the country on October 5.

Small business? Check out these free hiring resources

Hiring the right employees is essential to every organization’s success. CareerOneStop’s Business Center offers tools and information on best practices for the critical steps in your hiring process. Learn about recruiting, screening, onboarding, and ensuring  diversity in your workforce. Identify

Employer? Here’s help for hiring people with disabilities
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The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) offers a wealth of free, expert, and confidential resources to help employers connect with workers who have disabilities.

Hurricane Florence recovery resources


There isn’t any safe way to avoid a natural disaster, other than getting out of the way. But the federal government offers resources to help people avoid disaster during a storm, and recover as smoothly as possible after a storm.