Want to ask for a raise? Try these tips
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If you’ve thought about asking for a raise but hemmed and hawed over it, consider this: according to a recent study reflecting a broad variety of industries, about 70% of people who asked for a raise received one. The experts

Careers in the arts and communication field

Have a creative or artistic bent? A career in the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications career cluster might be right for you. These careers focus on designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content including visual and performing arts

Resources to help you hire workers with disabilities
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Looking to expand your hiring pool? Individuals who have disabilities are a less-tapped, often well-educated workforce, who have an overall record of high employee retention. The U.S. Department of Labor provides resources to help with key steps for hiring individuals

New How-to Guide: Recover after a layoff

CareerOneStop’s newest How-to Guide provides a straightforward roadmap to one of the toughest career experiences: losing a job. While most people who get laid off have many options including unemployment benefits and re-employment resources, the overall experience can leave them

Tell me about a time… how to answer behavioral interview questions
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Ever stumbled in a job interview and wished you had prepared more? It can be difficult to think back on your work history in the middle of an interview. But sharing an on-point story or example from your past experience

Thinking about becoming an engineer?  Explore these 20 options

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Do you have an interest in science, math, technology, and/or design—and the ability to think critically, problem solve, and communicate effectively?  An engineering career might be a great fit for you! But did you know there are nearly as many

Earn certifications to boost your career
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Looking for a way to boost your job qualifications? You might want to consider earning a certification that hundreds of employers nationwide are looking for in their hiring efforts. If you’re new to the concept, a certification is a credential

It’s 2023—do you still need a cover letter to apply for a job?


If you’re job searching, you may notice that some postings or online applications don’t require that you send a cover letter. You may have even heard that in today’s job market, overwhelmed hiring managers have no time to read through

Careers for curious thinkers
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Are you naturally curious and interested in theories? Like to analyze and explore the science behind what you see? If your idea of a great field of study or job includes working independently, using math or science to solve complex

How to connect with well-prepared job candidates


Are you a small business owner struggling to recruit for specialized roles?  Connecting with community colleges and other local training organizations is a great way to jumpstart your recruitment process. These programs often work closely with the business community and