Pandemic impacts and opportunities for workers 55+
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Workers and job seekers age 55 and older have dealt with an especially challenging job market during the pandemic.

As the recovery continues, there are excellent opportunities for 55+ workers to obtain reemployment and improve their working conditions.

Should you add your vaccination status to your resume?

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With the September announcement of a new federal vaccine mandate that covers up to 100 million employees, you may be wondering if you need to address your vaccination status in your job search. Will employers be asking if you’re vaccinated? 

It’s National Manufacturing Day!
Manufacturing Overview


Did you know that careers in manufacturing range from welders to wind service technicians to bioengineers and robotics designers? In honor of October 1’s National Manufacturing Day, CareerOneStop is showcasing the wide range of careers in this diverse industry. The

High-paying careers with high school education or less
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Looking for a career that pays well but has no formal education requirements, or high school only?

Find a wide variety of options on CareerOneStop.

Relocation: how much will you need to earn?
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Considering a move to a new city, but unsure of how far your salary will stretch there? Ever wondered what you’d need to earn to live in your dream location?

CareerOneStop’s new Compare Cost of Living tool has the information to help.

Career options for high school grads
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Have your high-school diploma and don’t plan to go to college?  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still plan your career path. Take a look at the options below, Identify possible careers that fit your interests Start with an interest assessment to get

Labor Day: state of the workforce
Labor Day

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Labor Day is an annual celebration of American workers—and it’s also a great time to take stock of the current state of the workforce. After an extraordinary year of labor market ups and downs caused by the pandemic, the U.S.

Start college with your future in mind
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Whether you are at college for the solid education or more for the lifestyle, all students have an opportunity to make college an experience that will elevate the course of the rest of their lives.

Explore these suggestions.

Making the move from the military to a civilian career
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If you’re currently active duty but thinking about transitioning to civilian life, you might have a million questions about how to land for your first civilian job. You unquestioningly have skills and experience that will be invaluable to civilian employers.

Need experience to get hired? Try these ideas
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Check out some of these different ways to build experience when you’ve never had a job.