Conquer the emotional downfalls of a job search
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A job search can feel like an emotional roller coaster.

Read up on some of the most common emotional downfalls that may occur in a job search and how to avoid them or work your way through them.

Find new in-demand certifications
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Looking to boost your career by earning a certification that employers value?

CareerOneStop has recently updated its in-demand certification list.

Thinking about freelancing?
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Have you thought about freelancing, or already started to build your freelance skills and business network?

CareerOneStop offers food for thought on aspects of freelancing to consider.

New online career tool for veterans
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Want to put your military experience to work in a civilian career?

Check out CareerOneStop’s new Veterans Job Matcher.

Looking for a hot career for 2019?

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Wondering what the hot careers will be in 2019? And once you identify them, are you curious to know how you can boost your own credentials to earn a job in an in-demand field? One good place to start is

Start your 2019 career plan
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If you’re ready to start 2019 with a new career plan, make a glimpse of the job market your starting line.

5 careers for people who love food


Do you love all things food? Wish you could work with and around food as a career?

Check out these five career ideas.

CareerOneStop “Favorite” 2018: Scholarship Finder
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Based on our end-of-year review, CareerOneStop’s Scholarship Finder has proven to be a user favorite, and it’s popular for good reason.

Internships 101


Learn about internships and where to find them.

3 topics for your year-end career review


With a ramped-up holiday social schedule and other year-end obligations at home or work, the month of December can make you feel like you’re trapped in a whirlwind. It’s easy to forget or overlook the fact that you may have