Explore a career: Emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
African female EMT next to ambulance


Ever wonder what it feels like to be an EMT? Imagine driving with sirens blaring, your adrenaline running as you rush to the scene of an accident, preparing to take action to save the life of an injured person. Emergency

55+ and thinking about a career change?
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Career changes are daunting for everyone—but if you’re several decades into your working life, entering a new field can feel even more overwhelming. The good news is there’s hardly ever been a better job market for late-career switches. Workforce researchers

Job change? Make it a brighter future
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The last couple of years have been turbulent for the job market. Many workers have left jobs and many employers are looking for workers. That makes this an especially good time to consider the major reasons people leave their jobs,

Time to broaden our understanding of apprenticeships
Software engineer explaining to controlling robotic welding process to welder in factory.


You may know that an apprenticeship is a great way to get started in a career. It offers the chance to obtain paid, relevant workplace experience while acquiring the skills and credentials that employers value. When many people think about

Find a workplace to match your values
Values spelled out on sticky pads on clothesline

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Have you ever had a job where you liked the work itself, but the workplace or manager made your life miserable? Or maybe a job where the work was boring but your colleagues and the atmosphere kept you inspired? As

Yes, you should advocate for your own professional development
Younger black man interviewing with 2 HR professionals


Whether you’re applying for jobs or thinking about how to advance or stay relevant in your current workplace, it’s always a good time to think about your short- and long-term professional development. What’s professional development?  It simply means all of

Explore a career: Welders
Underwater welder working on equipment


Ever wonder how underwater bridge supports hold together? Or how high-rise buildings maintain integrity so many stories up? Welding is a trade with ancient roots dating back more than four thousand years, but that now operates at the edge of

Struggling to hire?
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If you’re an employer struggling to recruit and retain workers this year, you’re not alone. The latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job openings in February remained near record

Employment resources for library visitors
Librarian assisting young student

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With the job market in flux more than at any time in recent history, many libraries are seeing an increase in visitors looking for information and support to find work, change their careers, or learn about assistance they may be

Hiring help for small businesses
African american woman owned small business

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Hiring the right employees is one of the hardest tasks for small business owners—especially during the current labor shortage—but it’s also essential for success. Did you know that CareerOneStop’s Business Center offers tools and information on best practices for the