Can you describe your skills and abilities?
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If you’ve been in the job market recently, you know that skills are increasingly one of the most important job qualifications on employers’ minds. When you understand the nature of your own skills, you’re in a better position to answer

How to hire and retain older workers

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With the national unemployment rate remaining well below 4 percent, the U.S. labor market is tight. If you’re an employer trying to fill positions, you probably already know this. You’ve likely also heard that it’s a great time to reach

Small business owner or wannabe? Learn about the skills it takes to succeed
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In support of Small Business Week, this week’s CareerOneStop blog features a model of the skills, knowledge and abilities that contribute to successful entrepreneurship. For people who operate a small business, this model may be useful to help evaluate potential

New on CareerOneStop: How-to Guides

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CareerOneStop has added three How-to Guides to help website users discover and make the most of the resources available on CareerOneStop websites. Each of the Guides walks users through five to six simple steps to help them achieve one of

Find yourself in STEM
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You may have heard the term “STEM” tossed around—referring to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Or “STEAM”, which adds Arts to the mix. If you’re curious about what STEM is all about, take a look at this sector

Employment documents: what you’ll need and where to find them


Need to find some documents for a job application or new job?  Throughout your job search you’ll probably need to access some or all of the documents below. What you’ll need for applications and resumes School and employment records. Almost

Earn a certificate after high school
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There are still a few weeks of summer, but if you are a high school senior or a parent of one, you have probably started to think about what’s going to happen once graduation day has passed. Many students either

Resources for working with Spanish-speaking job seekers


l serving clients whose first language is Spanish? CareerOneStop offers nearly all of its career, training, and job search resources and information in Spanish.

Polish your job application skills
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Have you ever started filling out an online job application and dropped off partway through? Maybe you were at a kiosk at a major retailer. Or maybe you were at home working under a time limit. Either way, online job

Looking to hire a veteran?

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Employers have long recognized the value that veterans bring to the workplace. But it can be challenging to connect with transitioning service members and veterans seeking employment. Veterans are in high demand so being purposeful about recruitment them can improve