Certifications: A power tool for career advancement
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Want to improve the impression you make in your job search or advance in your current job?

Earning one or more professional certification demonstrates your subject matter knowledge and skill, as well as your motivation to add a credential to your qualifications.

5 tips to help your resume make it through resume-reading software
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When you send out a resume today, you can be nearly certain that it will wind up going through automated applicant tracking system (ATS) software. Many, and probably most, employers use these time and labor-saving programs to review job applications

Resources for employment after a criminal record
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To help overcome job search and employment barriers due to a criminal record, CareerOneStop offers targeted tools and websites for both the currently incarcerated and those in the community.

Whether you’re a workforce professional who helps individuals find employment, or a job seeker who has a criminal record, CareerOneStop can help.

Tips for collecting records and documents to fill out a job application
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Applying for a job? Many companies now have streamlined, online application systems. Often, you can fill out an application in just a few minutes. But before you begin, you may need to collect several different kinds of information and records. 

Use employment projections to fuel your career take-off
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If you are planning a first career, college major, or a career change, employment projections can help you answer essential career questions.

5 careers you can start with short-term training
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Looking for a career you can qualify for quickly?

Check out these options.

Pride month: Guidance for workforce professionals serving LGBTQ customers
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The U.S. Department of Labor has published guidelines and terminology to help workforce professionals effectively serve LGBT customers of the public workforce system and provide them with the knowledge, support, and guidance they need to be successful in their career planning and job search.

Soft skills—what are they and how do you know if you have them?
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You may have heard that employers are interested in hiring people with good “soft skills.” But what exactly are good soft skills? Soft skills are sometimes called people skills, or work-readiness skills. They are your personality, attitudes, and manners. They

Could you qualify for free training?
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Wonder how public training funds work?

Or whether you might be eligible?

Young and no experience? Find job search help near you!
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As pandemic shutdowns end and the economy re-opens, this summer promises to have plenty of job opportunities.  Already many employers are reporting that they can’t fill open positions. But if you’re young and don’t have work experience, or if you