Customizing competency models: new guide to help convene industry partners

Guest post from the Competency Model Clearinghouse

If you are interested in building and deepening effective industry partnerships to better align education and training with business need, the Customizing Competency Models Through Convening Guide is for you!

This new U.S. Department of Labor resource breaks down the process for convening local industry members to customize a competency model in three simple phases: Building Data, Convening Employers and Partners, and Selecting a Post-Convening Path. After working through this guide, you will be able to effectively facilitate regional industry meetings using the U.S. Department of Labor’s competency models to begin to identify regional training gaps and curriculum development opportunities in any industry.

Industry leaders meeting

The Guide features:

  • Real life examples and success stories from organizations including the Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri, Cleveland Community College, the State of Colorado, and many more.
  • Curated resources for labor market information and occupational data all in one place.
  • Downloadable tools including a sample agenda and a discussion questions guide to help as you prepare for meetings with employers and partners.

For more information about Competency Models, visit the Competency Model Clearinghouse and the Customizing Competency Models Through Convening Guide.

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