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Back to school . . . as an adult

Are you heading back to the classroom as an adult this fall?

Balancing adult life and college is hard. Learn how making a weekly schedule can be the difference between achieving your goals or driving yourself insane.

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Find local schools and training programs

CareerOneStop's Local Training Finder logo

Thinking about going back to school?

CareerOneStop’s Local Training Finder helps you locate schools and training programs in your area.

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Big changes in high school equivalency

Thinking about taking the GED?

A recent revamp of the test has made the GED more challenging, and opened the door to competing high school equivalency tests. Today many states offer alternatives to the old standard.

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The price is right: how much will your summer internship cost?

Woman stands thoughfully in front of blackboard with a thougth bubble of dollar signs.

Internships are increasingly emphasized for students looking to beef up their resumes and gain valuable skills and experiences.

However, the process for landing one is becoming more complex.

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3 questions before you commit to a school or program

Thinking about starting—or maybe re-starting—college or a training program?

Be smart and think about demand and value before you invest money or time into education.

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Welcome to CareerOneStop’s Toolkit

CareerOneStop's Toolkit

Looking for an easy-to-use, free, online tool to help with career, training or job search?

Check out CareerOneStop’s Toolkit—home to more than three dozen free career, training, and job search online tools.

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CareerOneStop’s Credentials Center coming March 2!

Credentials Center website

Beginning March 2, CareerOneStop’s brand new Credentials Center will be a one-stop site for your education and training needs.

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What’s the ROI of your education costs?

Dollar sign

Thinking about a class, program, or degree?

Follow these three steps to help make sure your training or education expereince will pay off for you—in terms of career happiness, employment stability, and wages.

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In high school? Time to start planning your career

Between your grades, your friends, your family, and maybe a job . . . career planning can pretty quickly sink to the bottom of your list of things to think about.

But think about this: you’ll probably spend a large amount of your adult life working.

Increase your chances of career and job satisfaction by planning early.

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Paying for training

Time to update your job skills?

School can be expensive, and paying for it when you’re unemployed or underemployed can seem overwhelming.

We’ve gathered information on some of the most common financial aid programs.

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