Find a summer job

Looking for a summer job? Want to earn some money and get work experience?

Check out these tips to find a good summer job and be ready to apply when you find one!

Get ready to apply

  • Assemble all the information you’ll need to fill out an application: home address, phone number, school attended. For previous jobs you’ll need business name/address/phone number/job tasks/dates worked.
  • You can use the Practice Job Application to enter all your information, then download or print it to keep track of it. For some jobs, you may need to write a resume.
  • Employers may check your social media profiles. Set the permissions to view your profile to “private” and delete any pictures or posts that you would not want an employer to see.
  • Line up your job references: References are people you’ve worked or volunteered for, or teachers or coaches who will speak about your reliability. Make a list including their name, email address and phone number. Be sure to ask them before you list them as a reference.  

Find job openings

  • Check with your family, friends, and neighbors if they know of job openings. Some employers put up “Help Wanted” signs; check around your neighborhood to see if you find any. 
  • Your state hosts a job bank that has job postings that have been vetted. Enter your location on the Job Finder to find jobs in your community. Try “summer job” for a search term.
  • Is there a business you’d like to work for? Check their website for an “employment” or “career center” link and apply. You can also call their human resources office to ask about openings. 
  • How will you get to work? Look for jobs close to home if you plan to walk or bicycle. Or look near public transit lines. Map out your route to the job in advance to plan when to leave for work.  

Want some summer job ideas?  

Employers will typically train you in for these jobs, so they don’t require work experience or training.

Check out a longer list of Ideas for first jobs on GetMyFuture, CareerOneStop’s website for youth and young adults.

Apply for jobs skillfully – even if it’s your first time

  • Expect to apply for multiple jobs. Some businesses want you to stop in for an application; most have online forms. Bring your information with you to apply in person.
  • Practice for interviews with a friend or family member. Talk about skills you might have from activities, volunteering, or other jobs, and also say that you will be on time and are excited to learn the job.
  • Keep applying. It could take some time to get a job, so start soon and keep going.

Want more assistance to find a job?

If you’re between the ages of 14 and 24, you may be able to find free job, career, and training assistance at a local youth program. Different programs offer different services, so try contacting a few programs to ask what kinds of assistance they offer. Enter your location in the Youth Program Finder to get started!

Learn more about job search on GetMyFuture. This website helps people ages 14-24 with information to apply for jobs, write a resume, get ready for a job interview, and more.

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