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Employee retention ideas: low-cost and effective

Two men talking in office

Hiring employees requires effort and expense, making retaining them a top priority. Fortunately, many effective retention practices are low-cost or free.

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Flexible schedules for work-life balance

Man at park with his children

For employers recruiting talent, and employees seeking a sustainable work-life blend, consider what flexibility could look like in your workplace

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Giving performance feedback

manager smiling at employee

Performance reviews, and employee feedback in general, can be fraught with anxiety, misunderstanding and poor communication.

With so many opportunities to go wrong, managers and supervisors need clear direction to get it right.

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Top 10 jobs for work-life balance

Seeking some balance between work and your personal life?

Check out the results of this survey of employees in hundreds of fields—and see which jobs they ranked highest for their sense of work-life balance.

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What is the best place to work?

smiling woman architect

Looking for a guide to finding your best workplace?

Ron Friedman wrote a fun, easy-to-read book entitled The Best Place to Work. He found that great workplaces around the world share similar traits. Regardless of type of job or organization, people need to experience a sense of competence, connectedness to others, and autonomy in the workplace.

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