Trouble finding workers? Check out these 8 recruiting strategies

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National unemployment numbers are falling, and in our current labor market, job openings continue to outpace available job applicants.  For businesses and organizations in need of workers, knowing where—and how—to search for the right talent is key.

Check out the options below for help recruiting applicants:

  1. American Job Centers
    Looking for help with recruiting, hiring, or training workers? Get assistance at one of the nearly 2,400 American Job Centers that offer business services.

Locate your nearest American Job Center to connect with a Business Services Representative. They can help with these tasks and more:

  • Post jobs and search resumes on free online job bank
  • Write effective job postings
  • Recruit and pre-screen job candidates
  • Find and refer qualified veteran job candidates
  • Determine a competitive salary for positions

2. Understand the Labor Pool
Tap into a rich source of information to learn about your local labor pool, with workforce profiles at state and local levels for these topics and more:

  • Employment by occupation
  • Employment projections
  • Employment concentration and regional specialization by occupation
  • Wage information

3. Post a Job
Posting job openings on online job boards or job banks can get your positions in front of millions of job seekers. But it can also require substantial HR time to post, manage, and maintain online job postings. Consider these two options:

  • State job banks: All employers can post jobs free to their own state job bank, but note that registration, validation, and posting times vary by state.
  • NLx from the National Labor Exchange: The National Labor Exchange (NLX) is a public-private partnership between DirectEmployers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA). Learn more at NLx or see Four Options to Post Jobs on NLx.

4. Social Media
Many job seekers use – and sometimes only use – social media to find job openings. To learn how to extend your recruiting reach, check out the Social Media page for a quick introduction to the top three social media sites for business purposes – LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

5. Job Fairs
Learn how to host or connect to a job fair in your community, industry or area of interest to meet your workforce needs. Many are currently held online, while some remain in-person.

6. Local Schools and Training Programs
Connect with your local community colleges, universities, and short-term training programs to find the most qualified workers.

7. Connect to Professional Associations
Professional associations are a great source for finding qualified candidates. Learn why and how to connect to national organizations.

8. Hire a Vet
Find out how to search for the right veteran candidate for your job opening.

Find more resources to recruit and hire workers on CareerOneStop’s Business Center. You may find additional help with hiring at the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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