5 career ideas for introverts

Guest post by Dave Landry Jr.

An introverted nature is almost always accompanied by some above-average abilities, such as strong observation, excellent listening skills, high degree of readiness and extreme attention to detail. If you’re an introvert, then you should definitely choose a career that plays to your unique skills.

introvert at workHere are five high paying jobs best suited for introverts that have been compiled using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*NET, an occupational database sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. They are the best career options if you want to be in a profession that doesn’t call for much interaction with others, but puts your natural abilities to good use.


Being an archivist means you’ll be spending a lot of time archiving material in a museum or auction house, surrounded by historical documents and objects, and works of art, instead of people. This solitary pursuit has an annual median salary of $53,880 with a projected employment growth of 6.8% by 2024.

Creative Writer

Most creative writers spend hours alone typing away on their computer and writing novels or completing ghost writing assignments. Most writing work involves research work which can be done online without the need to interact with anyone in person. And if that’s not enough, you also get to become famous when your work is published! Creative writers earn an annual median salary of $69,130 and the projected employment growth is 2.3% by 2024.

Web Developer

With more and more small businesses coming up, there’s a big demand for website designing and development work. This kind of work consumes a lot of time because of the creative thought process and experimenting involved. So naturally, as a web developer, you’d be spending more time in front of your PC, bringing your imaginations to life. Web developers earn an annual median salary of $70,660 and the projected employment growth by 2024 is huge at 26.6%.


If you love numbers and don’t mind spending long hours crunching data, then this career is for you! All your time would be spent poring over spreadsheets and equations, leaving you little time for social interaction. Statisticians are also paid well with the annual median salary at $84,440 and a projected employment growth of 33.8% by 2024.


If you’re looking for a solitary job that involves spending most of your time among the stars in the sky, then you should take up astronomy as a career. This position calls for some strong observation skills and ability to detail findings – something which most introverts are extremely good at. An astronomer earns an annual median salary of $110,220 and has a projected employment growth of 2.8% by 2024.

If you’re still not sure which career option is right for you, visit CareerOneStop’s Interest Assessment, a free, quick 30-question assessment. Or, take a longer free career test & assessment. Both of these free assessments test what types of things you like to do and don’t like to do and matches your personality traits and likes with careers requiring similar likes and traits. Understanding which career is best for you will also help you to identify the right education required to meet your specific professional goals.


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