I’m still in high school—why should I take an interest assessment?

Woman making a cup of coffeeGetting ready to embark on your first job search, college, or planning your career?

There’s one big reason to take an interest assessment when you’re starting to think about your future career plans: when you enjoy your job, you’re more likely to be good at it.

What are “interests”?

Your interests are the things you like to do, the ideas you want to know more about, and anything that inspires you. Interests are activities like:

  • Exploring ideas
  • Fixing things
  • Helping others
  • Working with numbers
  • Creating art
  • Convincing people about your ideas

What do interests have to do with your career?

When your job includes your interests, you enjoy it more. And you usually become good at things you enjoy. With so many days and years in your working life, it’s absolutely important that you enjoy it.

If you aren’t sure what your interests are, find out what you really like. And even if you do know what you like, you can learn about the careers that fit your interests. Get started with the link below.

Ready to learn about your interests?

Take the Interest Assessment. It’s a short survey that shows what your interests are and matches them to careers that might be the best fit for you.

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