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GI Bill reimbursement for exams

A veteran thinking about earning a certification

Are you a veteran looking to start or advance your post-military career?

Getting a certification or license in your career filed can be an important step in getting ahead.

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Tools to help explore careers, find training and search for jobs

CareerOneStop's Toolkit

Want some answers to help you plan your career or job search? CareerOneStop packages stacks of useful data in easy-to-use chunks, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

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Women veterans make their mark in the workforce

Woman looking out window

Most Americans know that women serve in all branches of the U.S. military, but may not realize that women have served since the American Revolution. Women veterans account for 10% of all veterans, and are making their mark in the workforce.

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4 resources for veterans starting businesses

veteran entrepreneur

Thinking of putting your military experience to work in your own business?

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Find the certifications employers value the most

Career woman

Ready to boost your career?

Earning a certification is a great place to start.

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Military to civilian transition? Resources are here to assist you

Younger and older man look at papers

For military service members, leaving the military may be a bigger challenge than the dangers and rigors of military service.

To support service members as they navigate the transition from active military duty, explore these excellent government-sponsored resources.

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Networking? Start using social media!

woman using computer

Even though networking is a very effective job search method, it can be daunting to pick up the phone or walk into a room and start talking.

Online networking offers another way to reach a large group of people who can power up your job search.

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Why Hiring Veterans Could Be Beneficial To Your Business

Many business owners and managers are aware of the fact that they need good workers and employees to run their companies, but few stop to consider the option of hiring a veteran.

However, many veterans have an impressive skill set, along with years of highly focused training.

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Paying for training

Time to update your job skills?

School can be expensive, and paying for it when you’re unemployed or underemployed can seem overwhelming.

We’ve gathered information on some of the most common financial aid programs.

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Connecting veterans to jobs

homepage of Veteran's ReEmployment website

If you’re a veteran—or know one—who’s making the transition to a civilian career, CareerOneStop’s Veterans ReEmployment website has tools and resources to help.

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