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How to recruit and hire vets

Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11, and right now is a great time for employers to learn more about recruiting and hiring veterans. Former servicemembers bring proven skills, experiences, and leadership qualities to the workplace, and the U.S. Department of

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Women veterans make their mark in the workforce

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Most Americans know that women serve in all branches of the U.S. military, but may not realize that women have served since the American Revolution. Women veterans account for 10% of all veterans, and are making their mark in the workforce.

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Military to civilian transition? Resources are here to assist you

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For military service members, leaving the military may be a bigger challenge than the dangers and rigors of military service.

To support service members as they navigate the transition from active military duty, explore these excellent government-sponsored resources.

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A Veterans Day resolution for small businesses: Hire a Vet

An encouraging trend in veterans’ employment is looking even better: after reaching a seven-year low in August, the unemployment rate for veterans dropped even lower in October, to just 3.9 percent.

That’s good news! Find out how your small business can join in, and find qualified veterans to meet your needs.

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Why Hiring Veterans Could Be Beneficial To Your Business

Many business owners and managers are aware of the fact that they need good workers and employees to run their companies, but few stop to consider the option of hiring a veteran.

However, many veterans have an impressive skill set, along with years of highly focused training.

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