Coming soon: redesigned Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model

In a 2018 survey, 85% of SEMI members revealed that attracting, training and retaining talent is a major concern and top priority as emerging technologies including AI, machine learning, 5G and IoT amplify the semiconductor industry’s need for skilled workers. In response to those findings, SEMI, the California-based global industry association representing more than 2,100 member companies across the end-to-end electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, launched SEMI Works, a major initiative to address the industry’s talent shortfall.

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As part of its buildout of SEMI Works, SEMI is spearheading the redesign of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model, and designing the semiconductor industry’s first comprehensive competency model. The new model will provide a detailed snapshot of the skills and competencies the semiconductor industry needs for vital positions. The model will give higher education and workforce development providers the information they need to develop and deliver training programs that help the industry meet its workforce development requirements.

Competencies are a set of related knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to perform the functions or tasks of a given position. In any industry, competency models define the skills needed to meet its human capital challenges. For the semiconductor industry, current competencies in the Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model are now being updated and new competencies will be added to create a comprehensive industrywide model that covers relevant areas such as:

  • Manufacturing Process Design/Development
  • Operations Management
  • Maintenance, Installation, and Repair
  • Production in the Supply Chain/Supply Chain Logistics
  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement
  • Process and Equipment Health, Safety, and Environment

A competency model working group consisting of executives and job trainers from SEMI member companies around the world is now using the Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model as the foundation for developing a competency model for sectors of the semiconductor industry.

For the first time, the competency model will provide a dynamic repository for skills and competency profiles, updated regularly to meet the industry’s evolving workforce requirements, that help companies across the industry connect with—talent. The model will include competencies that are standards-based, globally relevant, and apply to almost any semiconductor and advanced manufacturer worldwide. SEMI is leveraging its nearly 50 years’ experience in facilitating industry collaborations and establishing standards used around the world to develop the competency model.

Stay tuned for more information about SEMI’s competency model development by visiting the Competency Model Clearinghouse.

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