Consider a career as a physical therapist assistant

Physical therapist assistant helping a patient Thinking about a career in physical therapy but not sure you want to spend four to six years in college?

Consider becoming a physical therapist assistant. These in-demand professionals help physical therapists plan, deliver, and assess therapy.  But while you’d need a specific bachelor’s or master’s degree to become a physical therapist, you can get started as a physical therapist assistant with a two-year associate’s degree.

As a physical therapist assistant, you might:

  • Meet with patients alone or with a therapist
  • Engage patients in exercises or activities
  • Confer with other professionals to develop treatment plans
  • Monitor patient progress or responses to treatment
  • Document treatment progress

The median wage for physical therapist assistants across the United States is just over $56,000 a year. And new job opportunities are very likely in the future—the occupation is expected to have a faster than average growth rate.

Want to learn more about a career as a physical therapy assistant?  See the Physical Therapist Assistant profile on CareerOneStop.  You can view a career video, see more employment trend information, and even find a local training program in your local area where you can get trained as a physical therapist assistant.




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