Developing a local business sector partnership?

If you are involved in building partnerships to expand a business sector in your community, you know that success depends on all partners getting on the same page. Partnerships typically include community and technical colleges, public and non-profit workforce programs, and local businesses to form an ideal base for sector development collaborations in their communities.  

A key element of those collaborations is a shared understanding of the skills, knowledge, and other requirements needed to successfully perform “critical work functions” in a work setting.

  • College programs and workforce educators depend on this collaboration to design their curriculum so that graduates meet the needs of local employers.
  • Local workforce and employment programs rely on the shared view of worker requirements to design programs and recruit and match program participants to available jobs.
  • And businesses need an understanding of worker requirements to develop their position descriptions and then hire and retain work-ready employees who can grow with their business needs.

CareerOneStop’s Competency Model Clearinghouse offers sets of these pre-defined competencies for workers in a wide variety of industries—from construction and manufacturing, to food service and health care (see full list of industries).

A competency model is defined as “a collection of multiple competencies that together define successful performance in a defined work setting.” It provides a clear description of what a person needs to know and be able to do—the knowledge, skills, and abilities—to perform well in a specific job, occupation, or industry.

Competency models can help address these needs:

  • Identify specific employer skill needs
  • Develop competency-based curricula and training models
  • Develop industry-defined performance indicators, skill standards, and certifications
  • Develop resources for career exploration and guidance

Here’s one example, the Food and Beverage Service Competency Model:

Food and Beverage Service Building Blocks Pyramid

The Clearinghouse also offers User Guides with background information, step-by-step directions, and resources for using competency models. These can help workforce educators and others to develop their own unique competency models.

Find detailed guidance on how to apply competency models, including these topics:

Check out the Clearinghouse Resources for guidance in developing your own competency model or for ideas on how to use existing models.

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