Hiring help for small businesses

African american woman owned small business

Hiring the right employees is one of the hardest tasks for small business owners—especially during the current labor shortage—but it’s also essential for success.

Did you know that CareerOneStop’s Business Center offers tools and information on best practices for the critical steps in your hiring process? Learn about recruiting, screening, onboarding, and ensuring  diversity in your workforce.

Identify Your Hiring Needs

Learn about skills, salaries, and job descriptions before you recruit and hire. Also, see if internships, temporary agency workers, or a recruiting firm would be a good fit.

Where to Find Candidates

Learn where and how to recruit qualified candidates for no cost. Job banks, local schools, job fairs, and professional associations can all be great sources.

Interview & Hire

How effective is your hiring process? Refresh your practices with information on pre-screening, employment assessments, illegal interview questions, negotiating an offer, and more.

Hiring a Diverse Workforce

Tips and legal information for hiring workers with disabilities, youth, older workers, veterans, people with criminal records, and foreign nationals.

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