Job search resolutions: a New Year’s action plan

Ready to ramp up your job search in the new year?

This week is a great week to set some resolutions for your job search. Research shows that when you set goals, create a job search plan, and track your actions and progress, you’re more likely to land a job that’s right for you.

You can get started by reviewing the suggested activities below. Consider which ones would fit your own situation the best, and make a weekly or daily schedule detailing what you plan to accomplish.

Get help with your job search

  • Find and contact your local American Job Center to talk with a counselor and learn what resources are available to help in your search.
  • Take assessments to identify your skills, interests, values, or other traits.
  • Prepare your resume.
  • Get in touch with your networking contacts.
  • Attend support groups and job clubs in your area.
  • Attend job search training sessions or related training.

Explore career options

Search for jobs

  • Review digital job search tools.
  • Attend job fairs.
  • Browse online job banks and newspaper job ads.

Want more guidance?

Try the How-to Guide: Find a job now for in-depth steps for your job search.

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