New online career tool for veterans

Want to put your military experience to work in a civilian career?

Veterans Job Matcher logoCheck out the new Veterans Job Matcher, where you can enter your military job title or code, and create a list of civilian careers that use similar skills and work experience as your military job. For each of the civilian careers on your list, you can review basic career information such as typical wages and job outlook, and you can link to job postings in your local area.image of Veterans Job Matcher results

Once you get your list of civilian careers, you can compare them by several different measures.

  • Typical Pay Grade: the minimum military pay grade that usually qualifies someone for this civilian career. You can use this as a reference to know if a civilian career is appropriate for your own career level; if the Typical Pay Grade is the same or very close to yours, the civilian career may be a good fit. If it’s much higher than yours, you may not qualify for jobs in the civilian career. If it’s much lower than your military pay grade, you might find that the civilian salary does not meet your requirements. qualifications.
  • Typical Wages: the median annual salary for all workers in the career.
  • Typical Education: the amount of education that most workers have when they enter the career.
  • Outlook: a measure of how fast the career is expected to grow. This can help you identify demand in the job market for that career.
  • Job postings: when you enter a location, you’ll link directly to local job postings for any career you choose.

This tool uses the O*NET Military Search equation, which matches military jobs to civilian careers based on skills and other factors.

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