School counselors: meet your new favorite resource!

School counselor and student meeting

Looking for solid resources to help your students advance their career planning?

Meet GetMyFuture, a website for young adults ages 16-24, focused on career, training, and job search resources. The site is free, mobile friendly, and is inspirational—rather than lecturey—in tone. It uses photos and videos of actual young adults to provide examples of real world successes and role models that students relate to.

Inspired by a quote from one of the video subjects, we set a theme that sums up what we hope users of the site will eventually do: “Find a career that makes you happy every morning you wake up.”  To accomplish that, young adults need trustworthy information, combined with the support and guidance of key adults in their lives. School counselors are one of those essential groups who provide critical resources to help their students and clients thrive.

Key features for school counselors include:

  • Interest assessment – based on the Holland code system (also known as RIASEC), it provides user with immediate results that link to detailed career information.
  • Free occupation profiles with key points about employment demand and wages in your local area, education required, tasks, a video, and more.
  • A quick overview of college – basic facts, how to apply, how to pay.
  • The Scholarship Finder – provides search access to more than 7,500 scholarships, fellowships and grants.
  • Apprenticeship and short-term training resources for students who want good alternatives to a 4-year degree.
  • Job search and work readiness content, including first jobs information, work documents, preparing resumes and applications.
  • Success stories for youth and young adults with significant obstacles to success.
  • Justice-involved resources.
  • Foster-care system resources.
  • Additional resources for special groups such as young parents, youth with chemical addictions, and a collection of resources to support financial literacy.
  • A User Guide for counselors and teachers, with worksheets to download or print, step by step pathways through the major content sections, and all the videos in one place.

On our core website, CareerOneStop, you’ll find more resources for school counselors:

If you plan to be one of the 3000 or so attendees at the upcoming National School Counselors Association conference in Denver, July 8-10, 2017, visit CareerOneStop in Hall A at the Colorado Convention Center. We’re at Booth #101, and we’d love to hear about your work, and send you away with new resources.


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