Spotlighting math careers on Pi Day!

Female math student at whiteboardIf you’re a math teacher, or someone who just finds math fun or intriguing, the annual celebration of Pi Day is probably already on your calendar. March 14, or 3.14, is the date that matches the first three digits of Pi, the number that describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and a widely-known mathematical constant. For Pi Day 2018, CareerOneStop spotlights careers that rely on math skills.

As teachers know, one of the challenges high school and college students face is connecting their preferred school subjects with their longer-term career choices. Teachers and students with an interest in math can explore math-loving careers by selecting an occupation from the list below to learn many details about it, including typical education needed, average salary, and tasks. You can even watch a video about the field.

The list below includes 25 of the careers that have the strongest demand for math skills. “Bright outlook” indicates that the field is expected to either grow rapidly in the next several years, have large numbers of job openings, or both.

  1. Mathematicians  Bright outlook
  2. Statisticians  Bright outlook
  3. Biostatisticians  Bright outlook
  4. Operations Research Analysts  Bright outlook
  5. Physicists  Bright outlook
  6. Statistical Assistants
  7. High School Math Teachers
  8. Actuaries  Bright outlook
  9. Financial Quantitative Analysts  Bright outlook
  10. Geodetic Surveyors  Bright outlook
  11. Water / Wastewater Engineers  Bright outlook
  12. Astronomers 
  13. Manufacturing Engineering Technologists
  14. Economists
  15. Cost Estimators  Bright outlook
  16. Surveyors  Bright outlook
  17. Marine Architects  Bright outlook
  18. Civil Engineers  Bright outlook
  19. Mechanical Engineers
  20. Aerospace Engineers
  21. Chemical Engineers
  22. Transportation Engineers  Bright outlook
  23. Chemists
  24. Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists
  25. Financial Analysts  Bright outlook



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