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Find a workplace to match your values

Values spelled out on sticky pads on clothesline

Have you ever had a job where you liked the work itself, but the workplace or manager made your life miserable? Or maybe a job where the work was boring but your colleagues and the atmosphere kept you inspired? As

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What is the minimum wage?

Green U.S. dollar sign

Minimum wage in the United States: if the topic incites both your curiosity and confusion, read on for some facts, myth busters, and revelations.

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The panel interview: 6 tips for before, during, and after

So, you’ve been invited to a panel job interview.

No need to panic—these simple tips can help you ace even the most intimidating meeting.

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Check out CareerOneStop’s Business Finder

Interested in researching businesses, employers, or industries in your area?

The Business Finder is a great place to start.

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