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The panel interview: 6 tips for before, during, and after

So, you’ve been invited to a panel job interview.

No need to panic—these simple tips can help you ace even the most intimidating meeting.

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Solve the interview mystery

Job applicant giving thumbs up

Everyone knows about the great mystery of interviewing that every job candidate wants to solve: How can I demonstrate that I am perfect for this job?

While your employer research and review of common interview questions are important, they aren’t enough. You need to go deeper.

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Top 5 reasons your interview didn’t get you the job

Two people at a job interview.

Getting plenty of interviews but no job offers?

If you’re consistently missing out on offers for jobs you thought you had in the bag, you may be running into one of these five classic interviewing issues.

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Tips for discussing your criminal record at a job interview

Ban the Box—laws that bar employers from asking about criminal records on initial job applications—have been passed in nearly 70 cities and 13 states.

That’s good news for job seekers with a past conviction—but it doesn’t mean they won’t have to discuss that conviction as they move through the hiring process.

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