Thinking about becoming an engineer?  Explore these 20 options

Do you have an interest in science, math, technology, and/or design—and the ability to think critically, problem solve, and communicate effectively?  An engineering career might be a great fit for you!

But did you know there are nearly as many types of engineers as there are flavors of ice-cream? An engineer is someone who builds, designs, and/or maintains something. It’s what that “something” is that defines the specific type of engineer. Almost all engineering careers require a bachelor’s degree, offer higher than average salaries, and currently have openings throughout the U.S. 

Depending on your unique skills and interests, one of the 20 engineering careers on the list below might be right for you. Click on any career title see a full occupation profile with a career video and details about salaries, employment projections, college programs, that can prepare you, and more.

Aerospace Engineers

Automotive Engineers

Chemical Engineers

Computer Hardware Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Energy Engineers

Industrial Engineers

Manufacturing Engineers

Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

Materials Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Mechatronics Engineers

Mining and Geological Engineers

Nuclear Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

Photonics Engineers

Robotics Engineers

Solar Energy Systems Engineers

Validation Engineers

Wind Energy Engineers

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