Top 5 reasons your interview didn’t get you the job

Getting plenty of interviews but no job offers?

interviewSometimes job searching can be a matter of numbers: the more jobs you apply for, the better chance you have of landing one. But if you’re consistently missing out on offers for jobs you thought you had in the bag, you may be running into one of these five classic interviewing issues:

  • You don’t know enough about an employer. Researching the employer is an important step in applying for any job. It’s best to do it before you apply, but you really need do it before an interview. Your research will help you be better prepared for the interview questions. Read more about researching employers.
  • Your interviewing skills are falling flat. Review interview tips to prepare for the interview and practice answering common interview questions. It may also help to do some mock interviews with friends, family members, or colleagues.
  • You’re sending the wrong message. Even when you’re not speaking, you’re sending a message. How you walk, your posture, whether you make eye contact, and how you dress all say something about how you feel and what you are thinking. Make sure a prospective employer knows you’re feeling confident about your ability to be successful in this role.
  • You’re saying negative things about your past employer. An interview is not the time to bring up any misgivings, grudges, or pet peeves you may have about a former employer—even if you were clearly in the right, and your employer was clearly in the wrong.. Unless you can show how you turned a negative situation into a positive one, potential employers will think less of you.
  • You’re pricing yourself out of the job. Employers will ask about your salary requirement or your previous salary. If you name a salary that’s too high, they may no longer consider you for the job. Too low, and they may think you’re not serious. Get Salary Info including average salaries for your field, and use that information to guide your salary negotiations.

Best of luck in your next interview. . . leave us a comment below to tell us how you did!

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One comment on “Top 5 reasons your interview didn’t get you the job
  1. James Song says:

    #4 is especially true. I think a lot of people make this mistake.

    You should never say negative things about your past employers. It says worse about you than it does about the employers.

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