Workforce professionals: Skill up on using CareerOneStop!

If you are a workforce professional, you depend on a variety of resources to support the success of your students or customers. Ideally, CareerOneStop should be one of them.

CareerOneStop offers essential, easy-to-use tools built on authoritative data and information sources. To introduce workforce professionals to CareerOneStop, we developed a series of trainings and downloadable PowerPoints that demonstrate how to use our websites and tools to meet different needs.

CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, to serve the career, training, and job search needs of the public. Many of our biggest users are workforce professionals who:

  • help unemployed people find jobs
  • depend on using reliable information about their state’s job market
  • support students in exploring education and career options or searching for work
  • staff employment programs for people with barriers to employment
  • need specialized resources for veterans, justice-involved individuals, workers ages 55 and older, or young adults

Training options

For a quick overview of key resources to use with your students or customers, watch this video:  
CareerOneStop Overview Video for Workforce Professionals.

If you’re ready for more in-depth learning, explore one or more of these webinars, designed to help you provide virtual services using CareerOneStop. These may also be adapted for your in-person workshops and classes.

  • New Users of CareerOneStop
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPTList of web pages used)
    This essential webinar is a great place to start. It will introduce you to the main content sections, tools, and resources CareerOneStop offers for your work with job seekers, students, businesses, and targeted audiences.
  • Career Assessment Toolkit
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPT)
    Almost every career or employment program starts with career assessment. Learn how to use CareerOneStop’s assessment tools with students and adults who are exploring their career options. Features the Interest Assessment, Skills Matcher, Work Values Matcher, and mySkills myFuture for experienced workers.|
  • Change occupations or industries
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPTUser guideList of web pages used)
    As we continue to see a significant number of workers leave jobs to seek better working conditions, pay, or fit with their skills and goals, workforce professionals need flexible tools to help their customers explore and adapt. This overview offers tips and guidance to help experienced workers explore and research new occupations or industries and target their resumes and networking efforts in a new direction.
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPTUser guideList of web pages used)
    If you work with adults who want to develop new skills and knowledge, learn how to use CareerOneStop to help them find and pay for the education and training that will enhance and expand their career prospects.
  • Find immediate employment and apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPTUser guideList of web pages used)
    A step-by-step guide to use CareerOneStop tools and pages to help customers find short-term, immediate employment, and learn about benefits and other forms of assistance that may be available to them. The User Guide provides learning objectives and assignments for participants.
  • Job search for new college graduates
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPTUser guideList of web pages used)
    If you work with college students at any level, learn how to use CareerOneStop to help them explore their career options and build a solid job search plan.
  • Plan a career or job search with a criminal record, or transition from incarceration to employment.
    (Recorded webinarInstructional PPTUser guideList of web pages used)
    Many workforce professionals have occasional students or customers who have a criminal record, while others may work directly with individuals transitioning from incarceration into the workforce. Learn how to use CareerOneStop to find valuable community resources, develop career and training plans, and conduct an effective job search for justice-involved customers.

Additional CareerOneStop resources

  • Review Outreach materials for CareerOneStop slideshow presentations and free materials you can order
  • Check out the COS Blog for posts on topics of interest
  • Visit our Web API page to learn how to link to us or customize our web tools for your own website

Visit CareerOneStop’s page for Career Advisors to see more resources.

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