5 questions to help you target your resume

happy workersA great resume matches your personal goals and qualifications to an employer’s specific needs.  And while it’s always tempting to rush through your resume in order to get to the next step of your job search, slowing down and thinking it through can really pay off.

When you’re clear about what you’re trying to achieve, it shows in your resume. In fact, one of the biggest complaints employers have about resumes—and one of the main reasons resumes fail—is a lack of focus.

So when you sit down to create or spruce up your resume, it’s important to take the time to really define your goals.  Get started by asking yourself these five questions:

1) What’s the purpose of this resume? Is it to attract employers who may have opportunities, or are you applying for a specific, advertised position?

2) What’s your current career objective? Are you in a field that you enjoy, or are you looking to change careers?

3) What’s the next logical step in your career? Are you looking to move to a bigger or smaller company? Do you want to work in a different industry or occupation?

4) What kind of company or organization do you want to work for? Where are the employers in your field, and how much do you know about them?

5) What do you want to achieve in your work? Are you looking for greater responsibility? A higher salary? More meaningful work? What’s most important to you?

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