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Job application encounter: The ATS

Keyboard highlighting Yes and No options

If you’ve applied for a job in recent years, especially at a large company, your application has undoubtedly encountered an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Will your resume successfully make its way past an ATS?

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Be strategic with your first resume

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What does it take to make your first resume polished, professional, and focused?

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Dear graduates: it’s a great time to be you

College graduate

This year’s college graduates have a strong job market for landing that first job. And, we know more than ever about the skills and qualities employers are looking for in new hires.

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5 questions to help you target your resume

happy workers

A great resume matches your personal goals and qualifications to an employer’s specific needs.

When you sit down to create or spruce up your resume, it’s important to take the time to really define your goals.

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Five Tips on How Recent College Grads Can Beat the Resume Robots

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These days, the first screening of your resume and job application is not likely to be done by a person but by a computer using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) screening software

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Rescue your resume from oblivion


Is there anything more frustrating than sending out your thoughtfully-crafted resume to apply for one job after another – and never hearing back?

Take steps to rescue your resume from the screening trap and get it into the hands of a hiring authority.

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Create your personal brand

personal branding

Why take the time to develop a personal brand?

Besides helping you identify your personal strengths, having a brand can pull your resume to the top of the pile, make you shine in interviews, and leave your LinkedIn readers positively wowed.

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Spruce up your resume with the Resume Guide

CareerOneStop's Resume Guide logo

Ready to begin or fix up your resume? Before you dive right in, take the time to check out the strategies and tips in CareerOneStop’s Resume Guide.

It doesn’t have to take long—and the payoff will be worth it!

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3 questions to help focus your resume

Man writing resume

Time to create or update your resume? It can be tempting to jump right in with a list of job titles and employment dates.

But you wouldn’t prepare any other document or report without at least reviewing your facts and sources—why would you skimp on something as important as your resume?

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Take ownership of your career story

We all know that the days of a 40-year career at one company are mostly history. Today, our individual skills, talents, and accomplishments are the keys to career advancement.

But how exactly does one go about creating a career path—and landing that next great job—with a series of diverse experiences?

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