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Finish high school for your health

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You might not think of education as a matter of health, but organizers of National Public Health Week do!

National Public Health Week priorities include helping all Americans achieve at least high school graduation.

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Pick college classes for impact

College students: questioning if you are in the right classes?

Parents: wondering how your student can best grow from the college experience?

Use this guidance to choose classes that will garner the greatest impact in the long run.

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More facts to help choose a college: the expanded College Scorecard

The U.S. Department of Education’s new College Scorecard site shows details about students’ actual college costs, loan paybacks, earnings and more.

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Can you afford to be a lawyer?

job applicants waiting

Have you dreamed of a career as a lawyer?

Experts caution there may be too few jobs for law school graduates, driving salaries down and making it harder for new lawyers to repay student loan debt.

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Back to school . . . as an adult

Are you heading back to the classroom as an adult this fall?

Balancing adult life and college is hard. Learn how making a weekly schedule can be the difference between achieving your goals or driving yourself insane.

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3 questions before you commit to a school or program

Thinking about starting—or maybe re-starting—college or a training program?

Be smart and think about demand and value before you invest money or time into education.

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