Can you describe your skills and abilities?

If you’ve been in the job market recently, you know that skills are increasingly one of the most important job qualifications on employers’ minds. When you understand the nature of your own skills, you’re in a better position to answer key questions such as What can you do for my organization? and What problems can you solve?

CareerOneStop’s newly updated Skill and Ability Videos illustrate some of the skills considered essential to employers hiring for a variety of jobs, particularly soft skills such as interpersonal skills, attentiveness/detail orientation, or critical thinking. The videos include information on what it looks like to perform these skills effectively.

Some of the videos feature abilities—talents that you may have that can be improved with training, but often have an innate—or inborn—aspect. Specific abilities such as endurance, visual ability, or balance and coordination, may be required for some jobs, The videos also highlight different careers that particularly rely on specific abilities.

The videos include basic skills, process skills, and cross-functional skills that support performance of activities that are needed across many different industries and careers.

Understanding your skills and abilities and how you want to use them in your career can help you describe them in your resume and job interviews, steer your career choices, and succeed in your work.

Check out these skill and ability videos:

See the Full list of skill and ability videos.

Want to assess your current skills and learn about careers that match your skill levels? Check out the Skills Matcher.

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