Career options for people who like to help, teach, or connect

Are you naturally helpful and interested in caring for people or the broader community? Like to teach or provide guidance to others? If your answer is an enthusiastic “yes”, you may thrive in a career related to the Social interest.

“Social” is one of six interest categories featured in the Interest Assessment. This assessment matches your interests to careers that have work environments related to your interests, providing good options for career satisfaction and success.

What are “Social” characteristics?

Personal qualities. Many of the people who are drawn to Social interests have qualities like these:

  • Helpful
  • Understanding
  • Responsible
  • Friendly
  • Patient

Career qualities. Careers with strong Social interests involve activities such as teaching, counseling, inspiring others, nursing, facilitating communication, and helping solve social problems. These careers can be found with employers in diverse arenas, from health care and personal services to education and religious institutions.

Which careers feature Social interests?

A variety of broad work categories tend to be a good fit for people with Social interests. Check out these types of work environments, and examples of activities that workers perform.

  • Culinary Art. Create new recipes, or a special cooking style. Coordinate activities of other cooks.
  • Teaching/Education. Teach school subjects to students. Adapt teaching methods to student needs.
  • Social Service. Advocate for community needs. Counsel clients. Provide economic assistance.
  • Health Care Service. Provide medical treatment to patients and prescribe medication.
  • Religious Activities. Organize religious services and education programs. Provide spiritual guidance.
  • Personal Service. Plan events. Make travel arrangements. Help customers with questions and services.
  • Professional Advising. Teach leadership skills. Coach clients to succeed in professional goals.
  • Human Resources. Hire employees and maintain personnel records. Explain company policies.
  • Animal service. Take care of animals. Train animals to assist persons with disabilities.
  • Social Science. Research social issues such as economics, culture, mental health, politics.

Curious to learn more about “Social” careers? You can see career profiles and watch career videos about these “Social” occupations by selecting a link below.

Ready to find out your top career interests? Take the Interest Assessment on CareerOneStop and explore the careers listed in your results.

You can also view a longer list of Social occupations on O*NET.

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