Good work for Labor Day

Labor Day iconLabor Day arrives in early September, ushering in store sales, back-to-school, and the welcome chance for a day off from work. It’s also an opportunity to remember its origins, as a day to honor everyday workers.

In the United States of the early 1900s, working conditions in many places were hazardous and inhumane, and child labor was not uncommon. Organizing efforts to campaign for safe and humane conditions, fair wages and hours, and to end child labor, are part of what we celebrate with today’s Labor Day.

Here’s how CareerOneStop can help make this your best Labor Day ever:

Find a career that makes use of your strongest interests and offers a good salary with high employer demand.

Learn about how training and education can help you qualify for better jobs, earn more money, and make work more satisfying.

Get started on a job search right away or learn how to present yourself to employers more skillfully.

If free, personal assistance is what you really need to get your career moving, look for a local American Job Center to contact for computer access, workshops, and job help.

CareerOneStop wishes all workers across the United States a happy Labor Day, with gratitude for your ideas, your energy, and all the work you contribute.

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