How to connect with well-prepared job candidates

Are you a small business owner struggling to recruit for specialized roles?  Connecting with community colleges and other local training organizations is a great way to jumpstart your recruitment process. These programs often work closely with the business community and are ready to help you with your hiring needs.

Get started by identifying relevant training programs in your area.

Follow these four simple steps.

  1. Visit Find Local Training Programs. Search for local programs by entering an occupation, school, or program and a location. You can filter your list of results by program length, program name, or occupation.
  2. Once you’ve found schools of potential interest, follow the links to their websites to find information about the programs you’re interested in.
  3. Review program descriptions to make sure the material being taught addresses the skills you’re looking for.
  4. Look for links directed at employers. Examples might include links such as “Hire our Students” or “For Employers.”  Look for a phone or email contact. Most departments work directly with employers to facilitate employment for graduates.

Want more help locating training programs or addressing other workforce issues?

Contact your local American Job Center to connect with a Business Services Representative or other resource.

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