Need a job now? Find seasonal work

Need to earn some money or gain some work experience? A seasonal job can be easier to land than a permanent one, and offer the opportunity to grow your career or fill in an employment gap. Learn about seasonal jobs and how to find one.

What is seasonal work?

Seasonal jobs are temporary. They may be part-time or full-time, but last only for a certain length of time, like the summer, or the winter holiday season. Summer seasonal jobs often relate to agriculture, hospitality, and outdoor recreation, while most winter seasonal jobs tend to relate to retail sales.

What makes a seasonal job different from other jobs?

  • There’s no long-term commitment on your part or the employer’s part, so you can earn money without being tied to a job past the season.
  • A seasonal job can serve to “test-drive” a new career or industry area.
  • If you’ve been out of the workforce for a time, seasonal work can provide a transition before you look for full-time permanent work.
  • Seasonal jobs generally do not offer any benefits. They may pay less than permanent positions, although hard-to-fill seasonal jobs may pay more to attract workers.
  • Night shifts, weekends, holidays are often part of a seasonal job schedule. This can be an asset if you are supplementing a traditional “day job.”
  • If business demand is lower than expected, seasonal workers may be laid off.

What types of holiday seasonal jobs are available?

Learn about these seasonal jobs by selecting the link and reading a career profile.

How could a seasonal job help my career?

Whether you’re looking at a seasonal job as an entry point to a permanent job or are looking for a career job in a different industry, you can gain useful skills and experience in a seasonal job. On your resume, include your seasonal job and emphasize your adaptability and ability to learn quickly, as well as any technical and soft skills you use on the job.

If you have a long-term career goal, look for seasonal work that might add related experience or skills, such as applying for work preparing taxes during tax season if you want to become an accountant.

A seasonal job may also give you a chance to build positive relationships with supervisors, who could serve as job references in the future. Or your seasonal job might develop into a longer-term role, with advancement opportunity.

How can I find a seasonal job now?

  • Use the Job Finder to search for job titles that interest you. Or search for “seasonal job” in your location, then select “Indeed” as the Source on your results page to see a list of seasonal jobs to filter by your preferences.
  • Contact / visit your local American Job Center to ask about any employers who are hiring seasonal help in your area.
  • Use your network to ask about seasonal jobs any of your contacts may have at their organizations or that they have heard about.
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