New on CareerOneStop: How-to Guides

CareerOneStop has added three How-to Guides to help website users discover and make the most of the resources available on CareerOneStop websites. Each of the Guides walks users through five to six simple steps to help them achieve one of three goals.

How to find career ideas

Wondering what type of career might be the best fit? This guide includes five steps to help users identify and narrow their options:

  1. Identify your interests and find what careers they relate to
  2. Rate the level of your work skills and see which fields match your skills
  3. Discover your work values and the work environments you would thrive in
  4. Learn important information about your career matches
  5. Narrow down your career list to the best options for you

How to find a job now

For users who are ready to focus on a job search, this guide offers six steps to help job seekers land a job:

  1. Find job postings
  2. Identify local employers
  3. Begin networking
  4. Target your resume
  5. Apply for jobs
  6. Get ready for interviews

How to switch careers

For people ready for a role with new challenges, more pay, or better working conditions, this guide includes six steps to help identify options:

  1. Generate new career ideas
  2. Learn about the job market
  3. Get feedback and choose a career
  4. Explore education and training options
  5. Rebrand your resume
  6. Target your networking
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