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Dear graduates: it’s a great time to be you

College graduate

This year’s college graduates have a strong job market for landing that first job. And, we know more than ever about the skills and qualities employers are looking for in new hires.

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Thinking about moving for work?

USA Highway Map

Use CareerOneStop finder tools to research job prospects and local resources in a new location.

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Calling all pro athlete wannabees

Woman soccer player

If you find yourself dreaming about a future as a professional athlete, you might wonder what it takes to get there.

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Promising careers within reach

Hand holding a diploma in front of word Job

What kind of job could you get that pays well, but won’t take much extra training? A new study by Mathematica Policy Research just made the answer easier to find.

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Jobs on the decline: Watch for narrowing job openings

decline graph

Wondering whether openings in your field are narrowing down, or if you will find job openings after investing in a training program?

To chart your future, take a look at these jobs on the decline, and what factors may be behind the changes.

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Can you afford to be a lawyer?

job applicants waiting

Have you dreamed of a career as a lawyer?

Experts caution there may be too few jobs for law school graduates, driving salaries down and making it harder for new lawyers to repay student loan debt.

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Health care IT: a fast-growing job market

Woman reading computer monitor

The health care industry is growing and changing rapidly, and information technology is a linchpin for industry changes.

If you currently work in an IT career or would like to, take a look at the health care industry for job prospects.

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3 questions before you commit to a school or program

Thinking about starting—or maybe re-starting—college or a training program?

Be smart and think about demand and value before you invest money or time into education.

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