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Can you erase your criminal record?

Blue sky

Is a criminal record interfering with your job search and other goals? You may be able to seal your record and make a new start.

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New graduates: time to clean up your online image

entry level worker

Getting ready to graduate and hit the job market?

Take the time to clean up your social media profiles before future employers start looking for you online.

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4 Outdated Job Search Tactics You Should Stop Doing Now

job search

Having a hard time getting an interview? It might be time for an updated strategy.

Read more from guest blogger Aaron Ramsey.

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Five Tips on How Recent College Grads Can Beat the Resume Robots

young woman writing resume

These days, the first screening of your resume and job application is not likely to be done by a person but by a computer using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) screening software

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Rescue your resume from oblivion


Is there anything more frustrating than sending out your thoughtfully-crafted resume to apply for one job after another – and never hearing back?

Take steps to rescue your resume from the screening trap and get it into the hands of a hiring authority.

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Networking? Start using social media!

woman using computer

Even though networking is a very effective job search method, it can be daunting to pick up the phone or walk into a room and start talking.

Online networking offers another way to reach a large group of people who can power up your job search.

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Should you pause your job search over the holidays?

Woman job searching from home

Tempted to take a Thanksgiving-through-New-Years break from your job search?

You may want to rethink that plan.

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Create your personal brand

personal branding

Why take the time to develop a personal brand?

Besides helping you identify your personal strengths, having a brand can pull your resume to the top of the pile, make you shine in interviews, and leave your LinkedIn readers positively wowed.

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3 tips for finding an entry-level job

graphic of job search topics

Ready to join the workforce—but having trouble finding and landing that first job?

Get started with these three tips.

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Job fairs: what to expect

People at a job fair

Looking for a job? Job fairs are a great way to make contacts and gather information about potential jobs.

Gain all you can by knowing what to expect at a job fair.

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