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Manufacturing careers: a whole new world

Factory worker using tablet to operate a robotic arm

You may have heard mention of manufacturing jobs in presidential campaign conversations. Here’s a timely look at some developments in this influential industry.

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Labor laws protect vulnerable workers

Sign: Do you know your rights?

Did you know that everyone who works in the United States has the same workplace rights?

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Workplace risk, workplace safety

Safety First

Have you ever felt unsafe in your work, or observed risky conditions in a workplace?

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the go-to source for improving, and reporting, unsafe work conditions in the United States.

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Employee retention ideas: low-cost and effective

Two men talking in office

Hiring employees requires effort and expense, making retaining them a top priority. Fortunately, many effective retention practices are low-cost or free.

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What is the minimum wage?

Green U.S. dollar sign

Minimum wage in the United States: if the topic incites both your curiosity and confusion, read on for some facts, myth busters, and revelations.

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Training options for your staff

staff in training session

Looking for resources to offer training to your employees?

Whether you need to train one staff member or your entire workforce, you can find lots of great options right in your community.

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Flexible schedules for work-life balance

Man at park with his children

For employers recruiting talent, and employees seeking a sustainable work-life blend, consider what flexibility could look like in your workplace

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Giving performance feedback

manager smiling at employee

Performance reviews, and employee feedback in general, can be fraught with anxiety, misunderstanding and poor communication.

With so many opportunities to go wrong, managers and supervisors need clear direction to get it right.

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Networking? Start using social media!

woman using computer

Even though networking is a very effective job search method, it can be daunting to pick up the phone or walk into a room and start talking.

Online networking offers another way to reach a large group of people who can power up your job search.

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A Veterans Day resolution for small businesses: Hire a Vet

An encouraging trend in veterans’ employment is looking even better: after reaching a seven-year low in August, the unemployment rate for veterans dropped even lower in October, to just 3.9 percent.

That’s good news! Find out how your small business can join in, and find qualified veterans to meet your needs.

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